0.1ml StripTubes and Caps

Key Features

  • Compatible with Qiagen®/Corbett Research Rotor-Gene Q Real-Time PCR Cycler
  • Lower background fluorescence
  • Better signal to noise ratio
  • Easy snap and lock caps
  • Reduced evaporation
  • Attractive pricing
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Product Description

BiocomDirect 0.1 ml Strip Tubes and Caps are designed to offer the lowest background and perfectly match the Rotor-Gene Q requirements. Caps with frosted extensions for easy handling, have been engineered to provide leak-free seals. 0.2ml PCR Tubes with their ultra thin and consistent walls are still the preferred option for some Rotor-Gene users, please request information on these tubes.

Ordering Information

RGCS-2500 0.1 ml Strip Tubes and Caps, 250 strips/pack, 10x packs/case


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