BioPointe MicroTube Sample Storage

Key Features

  • ClickSeal™: for the ultimate in sample security – caps “click” when closing while maintain easy opening
  • ClickSeal™: will withstand up to 18,000 x g in fully supported rotors
  • ClickSeal™: temperature range from -80°C to +121°C
  • ClickSeal™: boiling or freezing of tubes will not pop caps open
  • BioStor™: perfect for long-term, secure storage of biological reagents
  • BioStor™: suitable for use at extreme temperatures ranging from -195°C (LN2 vapor phase) to +121°C
  • MTRS: available in 0.65ml single MicroTubes and 8-TubeStrips™, or 1.2ml single MicroTubes™ and 8-/12-TubeStrips™ and 8-/12-CapStrips™
  • MTRS:  96-well rack footprint compatible with Beckman, Tecan and other robotic workstations
  • Certified free from RNase, DNase, DNA and Human DNA
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Product Description

BioPointe Scientific products for sample storage include the company’s renowned ClickSeal™ MicroCentrifuge Tubes, BioStor™ Screw-Cap Vials for the ultimate security in sample storage and transportation, plus  MicroTube Rack System™,  the industry standard for deep-well microtiter plates with removable wells

ClickSeal™ MicroCentrifuge Tubes
Higher-capacity ClickSeal MicroCentrifuge Tubes offer superior user confidence in the seal as the caps “click” when closed. Additionally, the ClickSeal design allows repeated cap closures and eliminates pressure-induced popping during incubation procedures. 0.65ml, 1.7ml and 2.0ml sizes fit all popular microcentrifuge rotors.

BioStor Screw Cap Vials
The multi-purpose design of BioPointe Scientific screw-cap vials serve a wide range of life science laboratory needs, such as sample collection and processing, centrifugation, long-term storage plus the packaging/shipping of valuable biological reagents such as Antibodies, Proteins, and DNA & RNA Oligonucleotides, etc.
The unique 2½ turn threaded closure design ensures cap and O-ring are uniformly compressed to achieve unparalleled secure sealing. Caps, available in 5 colors plus natural, have a 3mm syringe port which is pierceable for access of hazardous materials or fraction collecting without opening. The uniform, thick walled tube construction, with reinforced support collar, allows centrifugation to 17,000xg. Manufactured from inert, LN2-grade polypropylene, sample viability is protected at extreme temperatures ranging from -195°C (LN2 vapor phase) to +121°C.

MicroTube Rack System (MTRS) 
Sometimes known as ClusterTubes, BioPointe’s MTRS is the industry standard for deep-well microtiter plates with removable wells. Featuring an 8 x 12 hole-pattern, the rack base and the traditional 9mm spacing of 1.1ml to 1.2ml MicroTubes (with or without CapStrips affixed), the entire System conforms to the SBS footprint/ configuration. This ensures compatibility with robotic workstations, multichannel pipettors and auto-sampling instruments. Inert polypropylene Tubes, Rack and Lid can be autoclaved, centrifuged at moderate speeds and stacked for long-term storage of biological samples.

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