Chillette-20 Tube Cooler
Chillette-20 – Stackable

Chillette-20 Tube Cooler

Key Features

  • Up to 5 hours of cold storage
  • Reversible…..holds 20 tubes (0.5ml or 1.5/2.0ml)
  • Stackable
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Product Description

Chillette™-20 coolers provide safe storage for PCR re­agents, cells, enzymes, etc. Simply place it in a freezer over­night and it’s ready to stay cold on the bench for hours. Chillette 20 is stackable and its small footprint re­quires little freezer space. Its re­vers­ible format accepts 0.5ml tubes on one side and 1.5ml to 2.0ml tubes on the flip side. Dimensions: 108 x 165 x 102mm

Ordering Information

R6620 Chillette 20 personal tube cooler for 0°C, Hold time: 5 hrs
R6621 Chillette 20 personal tube cooler for -15°C, Hold time: 3 hrs


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