easily lifted on and off transilluminator
high resolution 12.1Mb digital camera
separate power and light switches
internal illumination when door is open


Key Features

  • 12.1 mega pixel digital camera*
  • Image visualised within a large 8” TFT colour monitor
  • Light weight compact hood with easy access door and built-in inner lights
  • Integral microswitch turns off UV Transilluminator and turns on internal light
  • Can be used without a computer
  • Includes flash card, flash card reader and ethidium bromide filter
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Product Description

microDOC is a simple, inexpensive and ultra compact gel documentation system. It contains a digital camera with improved high-sensitivity CCD sensor and the latest image processor to guarantee superb resolution of 12.1 mega pixels*. For added convenience, limited space and budget requirements, microDOC can be used computer free. The image is viewed from a large 8″ TFT colour liquid crystal display. A variety of images can be captured in colour, clearly and easily, from agarose and other fluorescent gels, colorimetric gels, auto radiography film and blotting membranes. The system is fitted with a 55mm ethidium bromide filter and has a safety switch to turn off the UV Transilluminator when the door is opened. This also activates internal light for convenient gel manipulation. Files can be saved in a variety of formats (RAW, TIFF-RGB and JPEG) for later transfer to computer systems for storage and analysis with the highly recommended TotalLab™ 1D software.

The Mitsubishi P93 is a high speed, high resolution thermal printer that is perfectly suited to printing images directly from the microDOC. Connected to the microDOC by a BNC cable, the Mitsubishi P93 prints 325dpi images, up to 133 x 99mm in size.

Built-in Wi-Fi technology from the camera may be used within the microDOC camera to facilitate instantaneous wireless transfer of images to a computer or smart device – no cable connection required. Set-up requires a broadband internet connection and a DHCP-enabled wireless router. Minimum system requirements for software installation are Windows XP.

* specification of camera is subject to change, usually by improvement

Ordering Information

System only:
MDOC Compact Gel documentation system
MDOCUV312 microDOC System with UV Transilluminator (UVTS312)
MDOCUV254 microDOC System with UV Transilluminator (UVTS254)
MDOCUV365 microDOC System with UV Transilluminator (UVTS365)
MDOCUV254/312 microDOC System with UV Transilluminator (UVTS254/312)
MDOCUV254/365 microDOC System with UV Transilluminator (UVTS254/365)
MDOCUV312/365 microDOC System with UV Transilluminator (UVTS312/365)

MDOCBASIC microDOC Basic System with lift-off dark room hood and camera only

Including TotalLab 1D Analysis Software: 
MDOC1D Compact Gel documentation system
MDOCUV3121D microDOC System with UV Transilluminator (UVTS312)
MDOCUV2541D microDOC System with UV Transilluminator (UVTS254)
MDOCUV3651D microDOC System with UV Transilluminator (UVTS365)
MDOCUV254/3121D microDOC System with UV Transilluminator (UVTS254/312)
MDOCUV254/3651D microDOC System with UV Transilluminator (UVTS254/365)
MDOCUV312/3651D microDOC System with UV Transilluminator (UVTS312/365)

MDOCBASIC1D microDOC Basic System with lift-off dark room hood and camera only

Technical Specification

Effective pixels: 12.1 million
CCD: 1/1.7-inch type CMOS sensor with DIGIC 5 processor
Zoom: 5 x zoom /4x digital Max.
Aperture: f/2.8 (W) – f/4.5 (H) Shutter Speed: 15 – 1/4000s. (total range)
File formats: RAW, TIFF-RGB, JPEG
Storage Media: 8GB memory card with built-in Wi-Fi
Computer Interface: Hi-Speed USB (Mini-B compatible)
Filter: +3 Close up and EtBr; optional SYBR green
Video Out: NTSC/PAL
8.0″ TFT liquid crystal screen:
Display format: 800 x 600 pixels
Luminance: 350 cd/mm2
Constant Ratio: 300 : 1
Display mode: NTSC/PAL/SECAM mode switchable Video and audio switching
Chamber, microDOC:
Hood dimension: 290 x 220 x 320mm (WxDxH)
Multi power source: for camera, inner light lamp, TFT screen
Inner white lamp: 2 tubes
Safety door switch: shuts down UV transilluminator when door is opened
UV Transilluminator, multiDOC:
Wavelength: 254, 312 or 365nm (specify)
Filter size: 21 x 21cm
Light Source:
6x 8W tubes


PRNT Mitsubishi Thermal Printer for use with Microdoc – 110/240V
MDOCEB Microdoc ethidium bromide filter
MDOCSBRG Microdoc SYBR filter
PRTPAP Replacement thermal printer paper
MDOCWLB White light box for Micro doc
MDOC-WIFI Optional 4GB wireless memory card



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