DNA – use the slide-out UV transilluminator to capture images of DNA gels stained with EtBr and SYBR dyes
Blue light – LED epi- illumination module allows visualisation of some stains with better clarity and without DNA damage – e.g. runSAFE
Autoradiographs – high resolution 5MP camera captures images in high detail, especially when scrutinising separation between closely located bands or spots


Key Features

  • Pre-focused 5 mega pixel camera with auto-exposure for almost instantaneous high resolution gel imaging; CMOS sensor for improved light sensitivity
  • 6mm lens, F1.2 aperture size, with manual adjustment
  • Interchangeable filter slide – 620nm ethidium bromide filter as standard; 520, 560 and 580nm filter options for runSAFE, SYBR stain and other fluorescence applications
  • Internal white LED – helps gel positioning and focusing
  • Slide-out 312nm transilluminator
  • Large 21x26cm filter area
  • White light table and blue lights allow easy switching between ethidium bromide, safe stained and protein gels
  • USB port for PC connectivity
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Product Description

The omniDOC systems offer high performance gel documentation and analysis at affordable costs. By providing many of the features incorporated within the highest specification systems, but without the added price premium, each omniDOC system presents a simple but sophisticated imaging solution. A high resolution 5 mega pixel camera (CMOS sensor for improved light sensitivity) with slide-out UV transilluminator, and optional blue epi-illumination module and white light table, makes the omniDOC suitable for imaging most fluorescent and colorimetric gels, while a USB port requires a cable to connect the dark room assembly to an external PC for control. Imaging applications are made easy by a pre-focused camera that requires little or no manual adjustment, while simple one-click image acquisition and analysis software guides the user through every step of the gel documentation process. A front LED indicator panel reveals at a glance the light source in use, whereas a viewing screen with universal filter and spring-loaded cover facilitates safe and convenient gel inspection. All omniDOCs are constructed from corrosion resistant ABS and feature a viewing pane with universal amber filter for gel inspection, which may be covered by a spring-loaded panel during documentation.

Ordering Information and Accs

OMNIDOC omniDOC Gel Documentation System with 620nm (EtBr) emission filter & 312nm UV transilluminator*
OMNIDOCSAFE omniDOC plus Blue LED Epi-illumination Module (OMNIDOC-BL), and 520, 560 & 580nm filters (OMNIDOC-SYBR, -AF560 & -AF580)*
OMNIDOCPRO omniDOC plus White Light Table (HPDOC-WLT)*
OMNIDOC-PROSAFE omniDOC plus Blue LED Epi-illumination Module (OMNIDOC-BL), and 520, 560 & 580nm filters (OMNIDOC-SYBR, -AF560 & -AF580); and White Light Table (OMNIDOC-WLT)*
*Requires a PC or laptop with USB cable; 

OMNIDOC-WLT Optional White Light Table
OMNIDOC-BL Optional Blue Light modules
OMNIDOC-SYBR Optical SYBER Green Filter
OMNIDOC-EB Optical EtBr Filter (Supplied as standard)
OMNIDOC-AF580 Amber Filter, 580nm
OMNIDOC-AF560 Amber Filter, 560nm
OMNIDOC-F1 Viewing window, Amber Filter, 560nm (Supplied as standard)

Technical Spec.

UV Transilluminator: 312nm, 21x26cm (WxL); 6x8W tubes
Resolution: 5 mega pixels (2592×1944 pixels max)
Sensor: CMOS, 1/2.5”
Lens: 5mm focal length; aperture F1.2
Image Bit-Depth: 12-bit (0-4095 grey levels) Sensor
Filter Camera: 620nm EtBr (standard); optional 520, 560, 580nm filters
Image Storage: PC or Laptop
Connection to Operating Device: USB to PC  
Operating System: Windows® 7 (64bit & 32bit) / Requirements XP / Vista for Software
Dark Room: 410 x 405 x 570mm (W x D x H) Assembly Dimensions
Front Panel Display: LED
Viewing Window: 560nm universal orange filter
White Light: 6x1W LED (standard) for gel positioning
White Light Table (optional): 21x26cm filter; connects internally to darkroom
Blue LED Epi-illumintion Module (optional): excitation wavelength 470nm; connects internally to dark room M
Safety Safety interlock switch on front door panel; disconnects UV transilluminator on opening; complies with CE, FCC standards
USB Port For PC connection
Power Rating: Dual voltage: 110-230 VAC
Weight: 25kg

Software Guide

omniDOC IMAGE CAPTURE AND ANALYSIS SOFTWARE – use the included software to…


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