Rockers and Shakers

Key Features

  • Orbital, reciprocal & rocking models with 30x30cm shaking-platform & non-slip rubber mat
  • 2-D/3-D shaker accommodates optional hybridisation water bath
  • Additional platforms double capacity
  • Dimpled mat supports 1.5ml, 15ml and 50ml tubes
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Product Description

Four different models of rockers and shakers are available, with each offering benefits that include:

  • outstanding uniform motion and low noise;
  • microprocessor based keypads with digital control and display of preset time, continuous time, action scale and speed;
  • high quality stainless steel platforms with pop-on / pop-off installation holes to secure samples

All models are lightweight and portable for easy transportation from the bench to incubator and cold room alike, while additional platforms may be added for increased capacity.

Ordering Information

MS-NOR Orbital Shaker with 30 x 30cm platform and non slip rubber mat
MS-NRC Reciprocal Shaker with 30 x 30cm platform and flat non slip rubber mat
MS-NRK Rocking Shaker with 30 x 30cm platform and flat non slip rubber mat
CW-23 Combination 3-D shaker with 3-D shaking and rocking for maximal fluid movement; includes 33 x 33cm platform and flat non slip rubber mat
MW-WB Hybridisation Water Bath (ambient to 95°C) for use with CW-23

Technical Specification

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