CLIQS Analysis Software

Key Features

  • Simplify visualisation of complex, multidimensional data
  • Increase the information content of each sample collected
  • Easy analysis with greater accuracy and precision
  • A record of results for publishing and comparing to other data
  • Flexibility to apply the best analysis workflow for your sample profile
  • User-friendly interface
  • TotalLab – for 1D gel quantitation
  • View product – in online catalogue


CLIQS gel analysis software options are available for quantitative gel analysis following gel documentation. Each software option offers the highest level of automation currently available and guides the user step by step through the analysis process.

CLIQS is the software supplied exclusively with all microDOC1D models.
CLIQS features a user-friendly interface and help menu that provide a simple, guided workflow for fast and accurate quantitation and calibration of 1D gels and western blots. Main benefits include:
  • The capacity to review each step within the automated workflow analysis, and manually intervene or edit if desired
  • Highly developed algorithms which accurately detect lanes and bands even on distorted gel images
  • A range of visualisation tools that facilitate further examination of lane and band data to verify results, including band calibration from Molecular Size standard lanes and accurate quantitation derived from known band volumes.
CLIQS includes a 1D module plus three modules for array analysis; colony counting and 2D spot measurement and general feature-based image analysis. The array analysis module can automatically detect up to 1536 wells or arrays spots and may also be used to quantify dot and slot blots. Array analysis and Toolbox modules also include multiplex analysis functionalities.
CLIQS 1D Pro is more advanced analysis software used primarily for band-pattern matching within individual DGGE, SSCP and RFLP gels that are important for cultivar experiments, evolutionary biology and population genetics. CLIQS 1D Pro has a powerful band matching feature, which is flexible and easy to use, while visual tools show the results of matching and identify similarities within an individual gel, including lane clustering via dendrograms. More info on our software range can be found on our website.
SameSpots overcomes the common problems faced using 2D gel electrophoresis for differential protein expression analysis such as lack of reproducibility in results, hours of tedious spot editing and confidence in the statistical significance of measuring protein expression changes. SameSpots is simple to use and provides fast, objective results for differential expression of intact proteins using 2-DE gels.

Ordering Information

CLIQS Core Laboratory Image Quantification Software (1D Image Analysis of DNA & protein, Western blotting . Colony counting and basic 2D spot measurement
CLIQS1DPRO Core Laboratory Image Quantification PRO Software (Accurate comparison of banding patterns in samples across multiple gels/experiments)
CLIQS1D21CFR Core Laboratory Image Quantification PRO Software (Accurate comparison of banding patterns in samples across multiple gels/experiments) 21CFR compliance for GLP/GMP laboratories Automated detection algorithms for fast and accurate image analysis
SAMESPOTS     Pro 2D Software




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