Dot & Slot Blotters

Key Features

  • Low cost
  • Easy assembly
  • Four sample configurations
  • Alpha-numeric sample identification
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Dot Blot and Slot Blot microfiltration manifolds are designed for DNA and RNA filter blot hybridisations and immunological (Ag/Ab) screening applications. Machined from high density acrylic, their precision lapped mating surfaces and leak proof gasket ensures uniform filter contact, so preventing lateral transfer of samples – smudging – by ensuring that a complete vacuum is formed. Assembly of the manifolds is simply by aligning the mating surfaces and tightening the stainless steel thumb screws. A permanent filter template is provided with each manifold to simplify the cutting of filters to the exact size. A vacuum of approximately 600mm Hg (0.8 Bar) is required during sample application.
Four configurations are available for 24 & 48 for slots and 48 & 96 wells for dots in the configuration of standard microplates. Each well is alpha-numerically grid referenced for easy identification.

Ordering Information

BCD48 48-well Dot Blot Manifold, 3 x 16 array
BCD96 96-well Dot Blot Manifold, 8 x 12 array
BCS24 24-well Slot Blot Manifold, 2 x 12 array
BCS48 48-well Slot Blot Manifold, 3 x 16 array

Technical Specification



SB10C Eblot Mini Cassette
SB10F Fibre pads – pk/8
SB10C Eblot Mini Cassette
SB10F Fibre pads – pk/8