Gel Dryers

Key Features

  • Maxi – dry up to twelve 10 x 10cm gels at a time
  • Midi – dry up to six 10 x 10cm gels at a time
  • Microprocessor controls temperature and timer
  • Optimal tight seal during the drying process
  • VacuuBrand Pump – oil-free vacuum down to ~ 9mbar ultimate vacuum
  • VacuuBrand Pump – outstanding chemical resistance and superior vapour tolerance
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With a drying area of 21 x 31 cm, the Midi Gel Dryer can dry six 10 x 10cm gels or a single larger gel. The Maxi Gel Dryer with a 35 x 45cm drying area can dry twelve 10 x 10cm mini gels simultaneously. Both unit’s microprocessor controls temperature and time, each parameter being displayed on its own LED display. The gels are heated from the  base plate while the vacuum removes the moisture from below to dry the gel homogeneously. These dryers feature optimal sealing using a silicone rubber cover and supporting mask. When applying the vacuum, a groove that frames the drying surface provides an optimal tight seal during the drying.

Ordering Information

GDVH Midi Gel Dryer, 21 x 31 cm
GDVH-35 Maxi Gel Dryer, 35 x 45 cm

Technical Specification

Temperature Increment: 0.1°C
Temperature Calibration: Yes
Temp Uniformity: ± 0.2°C
Timer: 1-999 mins
Midi Drying area: 21 x 31cm
Maxi Drying area: 35 x 45cm
Operating Temp. Range: Ambient to 90°C
Midi Dimensions: 30 x 36 x 8cm (WxLxH)
Midi Dimensions: 44 x 50 x 8cm (WxLxH)
Operating Temp. Range: Ambient to 90°C


CSL-GDPUMP Gel Dryer  Vacuum Pump


Gel Dryer User Manual – CLICK TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD

Gel Dryer catalogue page – CLICK TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD

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