Payment Terms
For customers with approved credit, terms of sale are nett invoice due in 30 days.
Ordering and Technical Information
All orders and inquiries should be made with our UK facility by fax +44 1505 615976 or via e-mail support@biocomdirect.com.
All orders placed with BiocomDirect are shipped F.O.B. Rugby, Warwickshire, UK.
Product returns are accepted only by prior authorisation. Unauthorised returns will be returned to sender. Please contact Biocom Customer Service for forwarding instructions. Biocom does not accept product returns from shipments which were made more than 30 days prior to the request date. A 20% restocking fee may apply to return requests.
Freight Claims
Shipments always leave our warehouse in good condition. If a carton is received which is in poor condition, it should be refused or be noted on the Shipping Document at the time of delivery. Also, if a carton is missing, it should be noted on the Shipping Document. It is the recipient’s responsibility to file any freight claims with the carrier usually within 10 days of delivery and to collect from the carrier any money owed.
Biocom products are intended for use within research laboratory environments. Biocom Ltd. makes no warranty of merchantability of fitness for particular use of any product it manufactures or sells. It is the responsibility of the individual user to validate all products prior to running any protocol or experiment. Under no circumstances shall Biocom Ltd. be held liable for consequential damages resulting from loss or property damage by its products. Any liability is limited exclusively to replacement of products.

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