Gamma Radiation Safety

Key Features

    • 12mm optically clear lead-acrylic for unobstructed view
    • Shields with choice of angle, to suit location Large flat base models for under-bench protection
    • Shields with curved (for use with Biocom Safety SpillTrays) or flat bases
    • Rack Boxes with wide range of tube/vial racks for secure sample storage
    • Bench-top and floor standing waste bins for short term storage of radioactive materials

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Protection from gamma emitting isotopes, such as 125-I, 133-Xe, 57-Co, 99m-Te, ¹²³I and 67-Ga has traditionally been achieved using lead shielding. This has its obvious disadvantages, being very heavy and non-transparent. However, a  lead containing acrylic co-polymer resin is now readily available. The lead content of the resin is 30% wt/wt and is chemically introduced into the acrylic resin as an organo-lead salt. This material is transparent with a very light brown tint and it exhibits virtually all the normal chemical and physical properties of conventional acrylic resin.

12mm thick lead-acrylic is suitable only for the protection of gamma emissions from 125-I and not from other higher energetic isotopes of iodine. Lead or lead-acrylic is not recommended for shielding beta emissions. When a beta particle collides with an atom with a high atomic number, such as lead, a hazardous X-ray-like emission, known as BREMSSTRAHLUNG is generated. To avoid producing significant amounts of bremsstrahlung, use only optical clear acrylic products to shield beta emissions.

Supplied in small, medium and large sizes and with curved base 15cm-deep for use with safety trays or flat 30x30cm base for under-the-bench protection. A range of angles offers increased manoeuvrability, while clear optical acrylic aids visualisation.
Biocom cabinets provide a convenient area to carry out work with beta and gamma emitting isotopes with complete all round protection. Each cabinet’s 49 x 55 x 37cm dimensions offer a large working area without impeding vision, either in a standing or seated position.
Storage Boxes, Racks and Waste Bins
Biocom storage boxes are manufactured with hinged lids and accommodate interchangeable inserts that hold microtubes, centrifuge tubes, scintillation vials, universals, cryotubes and falcon tubes. Also supplied is our range of floor-standing and benchtop bins with anti-slip feet and hinged lids. These serve as an ideal solution for short-term storage of radioactive waste or radioisotopes. Both the Beta and Gamma storage bins are available in five sizes, while the two largest bin models have wheels for easy transportation. Optional heavy duty drawstring bags may also be purchased.
Other accessories available include pipette guards, radiation tape and warning signs and labels.

Ordering - SHIELDS

S1G Small Fixed 15° Angle – Flat Base 30 x 45cm, Base 30 x 30cm
S1TG Small Fixed 15° Angle – Curved Base 30 x 45cm
S2G Large Fixed 15° Angle – Flat Base 35 x 53cm, Base 35 x 30cm
S2TG Large Fixed 15° Angle – Curved Base 35 x 53cm
S1OG Small Fixed 45° Angle – Flat Base 30 x 45cm, Base 30 x 30cm
S1OTG Small Fixed 45° Angle – Curved Base 30 x 45cm
S2OG Large Fixed 45° Angle – Flat Base 35 x 60cm, Base 30 x 30cm
S2OTG Large Fixed 45° Angle – Curved Base 35 x 60cm
S3G 3-Sided Front 46 x 50cm, Sides 30 x 50cm
S4G Hourglass Shield – Flat Base 30 x 45cm, Base 30 x 30cm
S4TG Hourglass Shield – Curved Base 30 x 45cm
SDUO DuoShield – Curved Base, Beta/Gamma 30 x 45cm
SFLEXIG Shield – Adjustable 35 x 54 or 54 x 35cm
SFG Base Plate 45 x 41cm
CABG Beta Work Cabinet, 49 x 55 x 37cm

Ordering - BOXES/RACKS

B0.4G MiniBox 5.5 x 8.5 x 8.5cm
B0.8G MidiBox 6 x 16.5 x 8.5cm
B6.5G MaxiBox 14 x 28 x 16.5cm
B3.5G Box for four way racks 14 x 17.5 x 15cm
B8G Transport Box 7.5 x 29.5 x 38cm
BDUOG Duo Box 7 x 10 x6cm
BLOCKG Block for 4 x 1.5ml Eppendorf tubes 5 x 3.5 x 14cm
BLOCKG Cover for B4 1 x 3.5 x 14cm
STOREG Beta-Storage/Transport Block 7 x 15 x 12cm
COVG Carboy Cover 59 x 38 x 38cm
R1.5 Mini Box Insert – 16 x 1.5ml tubes
R50 Maxi Box Insert – 8 x 50ml Centrifuge tubes
R0.5 Mini Box Insert – 20 x 0.5ml tubes
R3F Maxi Box Insert – 3 x Falcon tubes, 8 x 1.5ml tubes
R1.5L Midi Box Insert – 32 x 1.5ml Eppendorf tubes
R2F Maxi Box Insert – 2 x Falcon tubes, 8 x 1.5ml tubes
R0.5L Midi Box Insert – 40 x 0.5ml Eppendorf tubes
R20 Maxi Box Insert – 8 x 20ml Scintillation vials
RDUO Midi Box Insert – 16 x 1.5 and 16 x0.5ml tubes
R5 Maxi Box Insert – 15 x 5ml Scintillation vials
R2 Midi Box Insert – 32 x 2ml Cryotubes
RU Maxi Box Insert – 8 x Universals
R15 Maxi Box Insert – 15 x 15ml Centrifuge tubes

Ordering - WASTE BINS

B1G 1L, use with bag BAG1 13 x 10 x 8cm
B2TIPG 2L, use with bag BAG1 13 x 13x 13cm
B2MCTIPG 2L, use with bag BAG1 13 x 13x 13cm
B3G 3.3L, use with bag BAG1 15 x 15 x 15cm
B10G 10L, use with bag BAG2 25 x 20 x 20cm
B15G 15L, use with bag BAG2 29.5 x 21.5 x 23.5cm
B20G 20L, use with bag BAG5 38 x 21.5 x 23.5cm
B53G 53L, use with bag BAG5 40 x 49 x 27cm

Ordering - ACCS

PB2G Pipette Shield – Biohit PS1000 Beta
PB1G Pipette Shield – Biohit PS200 Beta
PB3G Pipette Shield – Biohit PS5000 Beta
PG3G Pipette Shield – Gilson P1000 Beta
PG1G Pipette Shield – Gilson P20/100 Beta
PG2G Pipette Shield – Gilson P200 Beta

LABS Radiation Labels, pk/25 25x25mm
LABL Radiation Labels, pk/25 50x50mm
RADTAPE Radiation Tape, pk/25 25mm x 66m

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