MultiSUB MIDI96Pack

Key Features

    • Designed for loading of DNA samples from multi-well plates
    • Ideal for high throughput electrophoresis
    • Average run-time is just 15 to 30 minutes
    • Direct microplate format for easy lane identification
    • Multichannel pipette compatible combs for speed loading
    • Electrical Safety – lid can be located in one way only. On removal, power is disconnected from buffer chamber
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    • Programme constant voltage and current 
    • Alarm for end of run
    • Constant Voltage or Current
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For those planning to purchase multiple items for specific projects or techniques, Biocom Packages combine convenience with excellent value. multiSUB Midi 96 Gel System is ideal for high throughput electrophoresis of PCR products or samples containing a small number of DNA bands.
Its 10x12cm (W x L) gel dimensions and 96-well comb block format correspond to the standard microplate configuration. Two different types of comb are available: one which has 8 wells and one additional lane for DNA markers and one which has 8 wells and 2 additional lanes for markers. The offset layout of the wells allows a maximum run length of 1.8cm per well, resulting in improved separation.
multiSUB Midi 96 can accommodate samples from a 96-well plate – samples can be loaded directly using 8-channel pipettes. As with all multiSUB units, leak-proof casting is simplified using the supplied casting dams while their ultra-compact size minimises buffer usage and bench space requirements.

The multiSUB series of Horizontal Gel Units offers the most versatile solution for DNA and RNA agarose gel electrophoresis currently available. All five units offer an unsurpassed combination of economy of gel and buffer volume, with gel size and sample number versatility. Gel size and sample number requirements can be exactly matched in each unit, with the option of additional gel tray sizes. This eliminates the need for multiple gel tanks for changes in gel size or application.
All units feature removable UV transparent trays. For optimum value and versatility, systems are available with one, two or three tray options (dependent on model). Easy to use, leak proof ‘plug and go’ gel casting dams are included as standard to allow gels to be rapidly cast whilst the multiSUB unit is in use for gel running. With no indentations or casting gate grooves in the tray to interfere with sample progression, traditional tape casting can be used, should this be preferred.
Although lid connectors are compatible with most major power supplies, adapters are available to provide complete compatibility.

POWERPOINT MIDI Programmable Power Supplies  are high performance, easy to operate instruments which represent excellent value. This inexpensive, compact POWERPOINT MIDI power supply is ideal for routine horizontal and mini vertical electrophoresis. Microprocessor control allows the unit to be set-up to run in constant voltage and constant current modes. Four gel chambers can be connected at any one time. A timer with alarm and pause functions can be set to end of run. Safety features include shrouded plugs and sockets, no load detection and ground leakage detection.

Ordering Information

MIDI96PACK multiSUB Midi96 Horizontal Electrophoresis Package
includes: – BC MSMIDI96 – multiSUB Midi96 horizontal unit with UV tray and 12×8-sample 1mm comb block and Powerpoint MIDI MP-300 – 300V, 700mA, 150W mini power supply

Technical Specification

multiSUB MIDI96 Gel Chamber
Gel dimensions: MSMIDI96 10 x 12cm MSMIDI96ST 10 x 24cm (W x L)
Unit dimensions: MSMIDI96 22 x 12.5 x 9cm MSMIDI96ST 12.5 x 46.5 x 8cm (W x D x H)
Max. sample capacity: 96 samples plus 1 or 2 marker lanes
Buffer volume: MSMIDI96 200ml ; MSMIDI96ST 700ml Blocks (W x L)
PowerPoint MIDI Power Supply
Maximum Voltage: 300V
Maximum Current: 700mA
Maximum Power: 150W
Output Type: Constant Voltage or Current
Safety: No Load; Leakage and Overload Detection
Timer: 1-999 mins
Dimensions: 19 (w) x 29 (l) x 9.5 (h) cm
Operation Voltages: 110 / 220V


Combs available (click to view):
No. of samples: 8 + 1x Marker, 8 + 2x Markers
Thicknesses: 1, 1.5mm

MS10-UV96 Multi Sub Midi, 96 Well Tray
MS10-UV96ST Multi Sub Midi STRETCH, 96 Well Tray
MSMIDI96-8-1-CB MSMIDI 96 Comb 8 sample MC + 1 Marker, 1mm thick
MSMIDI96-8-1.5-CB MSMIDI 96 Comb 8 sample MC + 1 Marker, 1.5mm thick
MSMIDI96-8-1/2M-CB MSMIDI 96 Comb 8 sample MC + 2 Marker, 1mm thick
MSMIDI96-8-1.5/2M-CB MSMIDI 96 Comb 8 sample MC + 2 Marker, 1.5mm thick
MSMIDI96ST-8-1-CB* MSMIDI 96 STRETCH Comb 8 sample MC + 1 Marker, 1mm thick
MSMIDI96ST-8-1-CB* MSMIDI 96 STRETCH Comb 8 sample MC + 1 Marker, 1.5mm thick
MSMIDI 96 STRETCH Comb 8 sample MC + 2 Marker, 1mm thick
MSMIDI96ST-8-1.5/2M-CB* MSMIDI 96 STRETCH Comb 8 sample MC + 2 Marker, 1.5mm thick