Clinical Electrophoresis

Key Features

  • Compact high resolution system for clinical electrophoresis
  • Accommodates strips and gels up to 24x20cm
  • Complete range of cellulose acetate gels and kits
  • Densitometer software and scanner available
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Cellulose acetate electrophoresis is an important technique in clinical diagnostics. This new range of cellulose acetate products offers a complete system solution for research and clinical cellulose acetate electrophoresis applications. The CellasGEL range includes both equipment and consumables to assist in the research and diagnosis of specific disease states. Cellas Electrophoresis System The ideal tank for standard ‘dry’ membrane and ‘wet’ gel cellulose acetate techniques, the Cellas electrophoresis system is designed and built to our high quality standard to address both routine clinical and research requirements. Two adjustable supports, which can be positioned anywhere within the tank, readily accommodate different lengths of dry cellulose acetate membrane to a maximum 20cm.

CellasGEL Wet Membranes Applicators Unlike dry cellulose acetate strips that are restricted to low volume micro tests, CellasGEL’s greater thickness allows tests to be performed on semi-micro and macro scales using a wide range of specialist applicators. Consequently greater sample-volumes may be loaded as larger, but finer bands over a wider front. This reduces sample saturation and aids densitometric band quantitation, thereby improving resolution.
Bridges A universal bridge (BDG8.5S) supports each 2.5x14cm and 5.7x14cm CellasGEL during sample application by serving as a convenient loading template for the required applicator. Up to three universal bridges may be then placed into each Cellas tank for electrophoresis.
Densitometer A universal densitometer scanner with software capable of reading 144 tests per minute is available for band quantitation following post-electrophoretic staining.

Ordering Information

BCCELLAS Horizontal Unit for Cellulose Acetate Electrophoresis
GEL2.514250 2.5×14 CellasGEL 250 micron 100/pack
GEL2.514200 2.5×14 CellasGEL 200 micron 100/pack
GEL2.514190 2.5×14 CellasGEL 190, high resolution, 100/pack
GEL5.714500 5.7×14 CellasGEL 500, high volume, 25/pack
GEL5.714250 5.7×14 CellasGEL 250 micron, 25/pack
GEL5.714190 5.7×14 CellasGEL 190, high resolution, 25/pack
GEL2.517200 2.5×17 CellasGEL 200 micron, 25/pack


CellasGEL Applications Packages equipped with bridges, applicator and clinical test kit


APPS22 1x 2-specimen semi-micro applicator Volume applied/sample band width: 0.7μl / 7mm Compatible Strip Size: 2.5x14cm
APPS4SP 1x 4-specimen semi-micro applicator Volume applied/sample band width: 0.9μl / 9mm Compatible Strip Size: 5.7x14cm
APPS4 1x 4-specimen semi-micro applicator Volume applied/sample band width: 1.2μl / 9mm Compatible Strip Size: 5.7x14cm
APPS6 1x 6-specimen semi-micro applicator Volume applied/sample band width: 0.7μl / 7mm Compatible Strip Size: 5.7x14cm
APPM8 1x 8-sample micro applicator Volume applied/sample band width: 0.3μl / 5mm Compatible Strip Size: 5.7x14cm

CellasGEL Wet Membrane Bridges and Densitometer
BDG8.5S 1x 8.5cm bridge for 1x 5.7x14cm or 2x 2.5x14cm CellasGEL strips
 TurboScan Software Densitometer (excludes computer and scanner)
SCAN Flatbed scanner for TurboScan software


Clinical Electrophoresis User Manual – CLICK TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD

Clinical Electrophoresis catalogue page – CLICK TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD

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