Key Features

  • 4 MP cooled CCD, high quantum efficiency (QE) camera to detect even the faintest bands without background noise
  • Internal Epi-white light for sample positioning and coloured protein ladder acquisition
  • Small footprint to suit laboratories where space is a premium
  • Automated series acquisition available to minimise workload and maximise efficiency
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chemiLITE is an optimised dedicated chemiluminescence imaging system that allows the detection of target proteins on Western blots with greater sensitivity than films and more than double the dynamic range. .

chemiLITE offers the perfect solution for users that requires a chemiluminescence system at an affordable price without compromising on the quality and sensitivity of the results. This chemiluminescence system is highly suitable for groups that perform Western blots routinely.

Ordering Information

chemiLITE  Chemiluminescence Detection System 100-240V includes acquisition and analysis software
WesternFlowLITE  Complete Western Blotting Workflow solution including vertical gel tank, semi-dry blotter, power supply, reagents and chemiLITE chemiluminescence imaging system

Technical Specification

Image resolution (megapixels) 4
Effective resolution (megapixels) 16
 A/D 16 bit
Greyscale 65,536
Quantum Efficiency (@ 425nm) 73%
Lens (motor driven, fixed focus) F/0.9
Cooling Peltier
Fixed stage True lens imaging
Use with external PC and printer (not included) Yes
Epi LED White Lights Yes
Max image area (cm) 11 x 8
Min image area (cm) 11 x 8
W x H x D (cm) 37.5 x 44 x 43
Weight (kg) Approx. 20
Power Input (V)  100-240



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