Key Features

  • 5 Megapixel Camera with 16 bit image depth
  • Image all commercial DNA stains and coloured protein stains
  • Optional Blue and White light converters
  • Free genePIX software for acquisition and analysis
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gelLITE offers an economic and effective solution for nucleic acids and protein gel imaging.The manually controlled camera zoom and focus provides users complete control of their imaging, while intuitive genePIX acquisition software enables a fast and efficient workflow.

This compact, yet versatile gel documentation system boasting 5-megapixel, 16-bit sensor offering massive 65,535 gray scale is the ideal tool for routine gel imaging, research-level data collection and accurate protein quantitative analysis.

Ordering Information

gelLITE*  gelLITE Gel Documentation System 240V/50Hz with 302nm UV transilluminator and UV imaging filter
gelLITEPRO*  gelLITE Gel Documentation System 240V/50Hz with 302nm UV transilluminator, white light converter screen and UV imaging filter
gelLITE PROSAFE*  gelLITE Gel Documentation System 240V/50Hz with 302nm UV transilluminator, white light and blue light converter screens and UV imaging filter
gelLITESAFE* gelLITE Gel Documentation System 240V/50Hz and blue light converter screen
gelLITEPACK*   Complete Gel Documentation Workflow kit 240V/50Hz including gelLITE gel documentation system, multiSUB Midi agarose gel tank, reagents and accessories
* Other voltage/Hz combinations available

Technical Specification

Sensor 1/3 inch
Resolution 5 million pixels
Image depth 12/16 bit
Greyscales 4,096/65,536
Dynamic range 3.6 – 4.8
Lens Manual zoom 6.5-39mm, F1.4
Maximum viewing area 20 x 20cm
White Epi overhead Yes
UV Transilluminator 302 nm
UV/visible light converter Optional
UV/Blue light converter Optional
genePIX image capture Yes
Data types SGD, BMP, TIFF and JPEG
geneQUANT image analysis Yes
Dimensions (h x d x w) cm 62 x 37.5 x 40


WLC-3023 Visible light converter screen, 30x23cm
BLC-2126 UV to Blue light converter screen, 21x26cm, for safe dyes
UVPS22 UV Transparent Cutting Platform 22 x 22cm
FSG-58 Safe stain filter to be combined with the blue light converter screen



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