Key Features

  • Upgradeable to chemiluminescence
  • Spacious darkroom – view up to 25x30cm gels
  • 5 MP camera resolves close bands and detects nanogram amounts
  • Automated or manual acquisition options for increased versatility
  • genePIX acquisition software can be used in a 21CFR Part 11 compliant environment
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gelPRO is a high resolution automated system which offers a complete solution to all fluorescence and visible nucleic acid and protein imaging, analysis and documentation needs. The system can also be upgraded to acquire chemiluminescence and multiplex images.
This top of the range automated gel documentation system with smart motor driven feedback zoom lens and filter wheel enables the user to save protocol and acquire further images at the click of a button.

Ordering Information

gelPRO-302E*  Gel Documentation System 240v/50H with 302nm UVT (other wavelengths available) for fluorescence and visible applications
gelPROPACK*  Complete Gel Documentation Workflow kit  including gelPRO gel documentation system, multiSUB Screen agarose gel tank, reagents and accessories.
* Other voltage/Hz combinations available

Technical Specification

Image resolution (megapixels) 5
Effective resolution (megapixels) 15.3
A/D 12/16 bit
Greyscales 65 536
Quantum efficiency @ 425nm 52%
Cooling – regulated n/a
Lens (motor driven) f1.2 with feedback
Filter wheel (7 position) Yes
UV filter* Yes
Use with external PC Yes
Darkroom – standard Yes
Further Lighting Options
EPI LED white lights Yes
EPI UV 302nm** Yes
Visible light converter (33 x 31 cm) Yes
White light pad for visible stains (20 x 14 or 20 x 30 cm) Yes
UltraBright LED blue light transilluminator (20 x 16 cm) Yes
UV transilluminator 302nm (25 x 30 cm)*** Yes
Maximum image area (cm) 32.5 x 24.1
Minimum image area (cm) 5.6 x 4.2
W x H x D (cm) 57 x 84 x 45
Weight (kg) 37
Supply voltage (V AC) 115 / 240
* other emission filters are available
** other wavelengths are available
*** other sizes and wavelengths are available including dual wavelength


BLC  UV to Blue light converter, Size  25x30cm, suitable for DNA safe dyes
WLC  UV to Visible light converter, Size 30.5x33cm
WLPAD  20 x 14 cm Fold down white light pad with brackets
EPIUV  2 x UV module – with 302nm tubes  for TLC plates
UVSHIELD2530 UV Blocking Shield for band cutting



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