chemiPRO XS 6/9

Key Features

  • High quantum efficiency (QE) CCD camera
  • Multiplex imaging of up to 5 different channels with UV, blue and RGB HI-LED lighting options – Multiple filters available
  • Stain-free imaging capability
  • Auto-exposure
  • Adjustable stage software controlled
  • Excellent signal to noise ratio
  • Protocol driven image capture
  • Motor driven lens and filter wheel
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ChemiPRO XS offers a compact and comprehensive advanced tool for all imaging requirements of a Life science laboratory. The high sensitivity cooled CCD camera and adjustable motor driven stage enables users to capture even faintest bands.

The chemiPRO XS is a sophisticated gel Imaging system designed to make gels and blots image acquisition easy and efficient. Its application driven databased acquisition software ensure high standard publications quality images at the click of a button.

Ordering Information

ChemiPRO-XS6-E*  chemiPRO XS 6 MP camera Imaging System without UVT, 230V, 50Hz
ChemiPRO-XS9-E* chemiPRO XS 9 MP camera Imaging System without UVT, 230V, 50Hz
WesternFlowXS* Complete Mini Western Blotting Workflow kit including vertical gel tank, semi-dry blotter, power supply, reagents and chemiPRO XS chemiluminescence imaging system
WesternFlowXSRGB* Complete Mini RGB Blotting Package with chemiPRO XS chemiluminescence imaging system
* Other voltage/Hz combinations available

Technical Specification

Image resolution (megapixels) 6 or 9
Effective resolution (megapixels) 18 or 27
Image sensor CCD
A/D 16 bit
Greyscale 65,536
Dynamic range OD 4.8
Quantum Efficiency (@ 425nm) 73%
Cooling -57°C, Peltier
Lens (motor driven auto focus) F0.8† or F0.95
Stage Moving
Filter wheel (7-position motor driven) All fluorescence applications
UV filter Yes
Extended with motor driven stage Yes
Epi LED White Lights Yes
HI-LED (red, blue, green) Optional
HI-LED (red, infrared) Optional
HI-LED (red, blue, green, infrared) Optional
Visible light converter Optional
Blue converter screen Optional
Slide-out UV transilluminator 302nm, (various sizes available) Optional
Edge lighting unit N/A
Maximum image area (cm)  15 x 12
Minimum image area (cm) 10 x 8
W x H x D (cm) 40 x 64 x 52
Weight (kg) Approx. 40
Power Input (V) 100-240


CS-2020M-E* Transilluminator (20 x 20cm; 302nm) 230V, 50Hz
CHEMIMOD-XS-RGBIR HI-LED Lighting option covering Red, Green, Blue and InfraRed
CS-FIR     800nm filter for IR light (range 809-876nm)
CS-FBL   525nm Filter for blue light (range 516-539m)
CS-FGL   605nm Filter for green light  (range 594-610nm)
CS-FRL   705nm Filter for red light (range 700-720nm)
WLC-3023 Visible light converter screen, 30x23cm
GELLITE-BLC  UV to Blue Light converter, Size 21x26cm, suitable for safe dyes
CS-EPIUV  2 x UV module – with 302nm tubes  (for TLC plates)
UVSHIELD2020    UV Blocking Shield for 20 x 20 cm transilluminator



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