Gradient Mixers

Key Features

  • For preparation of centrifugation gradients
  • Five sizes
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Ideal for Caesium, Sucrose and Gel gradients the Gradient Mixer series comprises two chambers – a reservoir and a mixing chamber with an interconnecting valve. A second valve regulates the output flow from the mixing chamber. All mixers have a flat base which allows them to be placed on a magnetic stirrer. A magnetic stirring bar can be placed directly in the mixing chamber to ensure a constant gradient. The support rod allows the mixer to be fixed to a retort stand for extra stability.

Ordering Information

BCGM15 15ml Gradient Mixer
BCGM25 25ml Gradient Mixer
BCGM50 50ml Gradient Mixer
BCGM100 100ml Gradient Mixer
BCGM500 500ml Gradient Mixer