Peristaltic Pumps

Key Features

  • Available in single, dual and tetrad
  • All pumps are reversible
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Available in single, dual and tetrad formats these versatile peristaltic pumps are an ideal accessory for gradient gel formation with the WAVE Maxi-DGGE. The ‘easy load’ head of the MU-D01 single peristaltic pump accommodates multiple tubes of different diameters offering the user enhanced flexibility in flow rate selection, while the MU-D02 single pump has the added benefit of a more powerful pump motor. The MFU-01 and MFU-02 dual and tetrad pumps are equipped with microprocessor technology for more accurate rpm control, and comprise 2 and 4 peristaltic pumps respectively that may be controlled individually. All 4 pumps are reversible and have a small footprint, occupying minimum space within the laboratory. Other applications include: filtration, sampling, chemical spraying, dispensing, transferring, feeding and filling.

Ordering Information and Accs

MU-D01 Single Peristaltic Pump
MU-D02 Single Peristaltic Pump
MFU-01 Dual Peristaltic Pump
MFU-02 Tetrad Peristaltic Pump
MU-S14 Silicon tube I.D. 1/16”, 25 ft
MU-S16 Silicon tube I.D. 1/8”, 25 ft
MU-S18 Silicon tube I.D. 3/8”, 25 ft
MU-S25 Silicon tube I.D. 3/16”, 25 ft
MU-S13 Silicon tube I.D. 1/32”, 25 ft
MU-S17 Silicon tube I.D. 1/4”, 25 ft

Technical Specification

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