VacuuBrand Vacuum Pump

Key Features

  • Oil-free vacuum down to ~ 9mbar ultimate vacuum
  • Outstanding chemical resistance and superior vapour tolerance


The VacuuBrand® MZ 2C + 2 AK is a quiet, low maintenance oil free vacuum pump, which generates the lowest pressure measurable reproducibly at room temperature for almost 100% efficient solvent recovery. Two round bottomed flasks collect and condense noxious gases released during gel drying, whereas inlet and outlet separators act in tandem with the diaphragm pump to facilitate controlled collection of vapours without risk of condensate entering and contaminating the pump. The two stage pump also benefits from a compact design and construction from specially-selected chemically resistant materials, long-life easy-to-change diaphragms and valves, and gas ballast function.

Ordering Information

MZ2C VacuuBrand Vacuum Pump, MZ 2C + 2 AK

Technical Specification

Pump Flow Rate: 35L/min
Pumping Speed: 1.9m3/h / 2.1 m3/h /.2cfm
Ultimate Vacuum (total): 9 mbar // 6.8 Torr
Dimensions: 24 x 35 x 33cm (WxLxH)


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