Key Features

  • Safe – all four runSAFE stains have ultra-low toxicity (LC>5000mg/kg) and lack cell permeability
  • Convenient – each stain is supplied as a ready to use 6x Loading dye; simply add 1 part stain to 5 parts DNA, mix and load your gel
  • Fast – no time-consuming post-staining or de- staining of gels is required.
  • Sensitive – very low background staining of the gel; detects as little as 0.2ng DNA per band
  • Flexible – each stain may be used with Blue or UV light
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The runSAFE Range comprises four non-mutagenic stains that produce instant visualisation of DNA bands upon irradiation with blue light or UV in agarose or polyacrylamide gels. Each stain is conveniently supplied in a 6x loading dye which is mixed with 5 parts double-stranded DNA before loading onto an agarose or polyacrylamide gel. The individual colour constituents within each loading dye track electrophoresis run progression, and indicate the extent of band separation and resolution by co-migrating with DNA bands of known molecular size, which varies according to the gel percentage. All four stains are non-toxic, safe for the environment and can be disposed of in the regular laboratory waste without using expensive decontamination methods. Each stain is sensitive and binds DNA to detect as little as 0.2ng DNA per band within a gel; while gel imaging is best performed using the amber emission filter found of the bluVIEW lid or runDOC filter slide. The runSAFE Range is comprised as follows:

  • runSAFE – general purpose stain for DNA ranging from 50bp markers to large super-coiled plasmid
  • runSAFE-PLUS500 – for DNA larger than 500bp in size;
  • runSAFE-2000 – for DNA vectors and inserts ranging from 500-2000bp;
  • runSAFE-500 – for small DNA fragments, PCR products, sequence tracts and primers less than 500bp.

Ordering Information

RUNSAFE runSAFE stain, 1ml
RUNSAFE-PLUS500 runSAFE-PLUS500 stain, 1ml
RUNSAFE-2000 runSAFE- 2000, 1ml
RUNSAFE- 00 runSAFE-500, 1ml

Technical Specification

runSAFE stain, 1ml: Tracking Dyes Bromophenol Blue, Xylene Cyanol FF, Orange G: Size Range 50bp – 20Kb
runSAFE-PLUS500 stain, 1ml: Tracking Dyes Bromophenol Blue, Xylene Cyanol Blue: Size Range >500bp
runSAFE- 2000, 1ml: Tracking Dyes Xylene Cyanol Blue, Orange G: Size Range 500-2000bp
runSAFE-500, 1ml: Tracking Dyes Orange G: Size Range <500bp



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