Tough Tags, Spots

Key Features

  • Durable – Unlike paper and many other label materials, this advanced polyester material will not dry out or fall off.
  • Coloured – Available in white, clear and a variety of bright colours for convenient identification of tubes and samples.
  • Centrifuge and Vortex Compatible – Microcentrifuge tubes with wrap-around labels slide easily in and out of rotors without binding. they are ideal for use with all brands of centrifugal filters and concentrators. Tough-Tags are scuff and smear resistant, and cannot be removed by even the most vigorous shaking or vortexing.
  • Sizes – Various sizes are available to suit the application.
  • Formats – Tough-Tags™ are available in rolls or in sheet form for the processing of large numbers of samples using a laser or inkjet printer.
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Standard Tough-Tags™ are manufactured in chemically inert polyester and have a strong adhesion to all plastics and other materials. Unlike conventional tape or paper materials, these labels will withstand steam-autoclaving, boiling water baths, freezing to -20˚C, plus brief contact with organic solvents and caustic agents without peeling.

These pre-cut, peel-off dots for microcentrifuge tubes and cryogenic vials are useable in boiling water baths at 100˚C, dry heat to 150˚C without cracking, peeling or degrading and down to -196˚C (for both vapour and liquid phase nitrogen). In 5 colours, to offer easy sample and tube identification, and in diameters 9.5mm,12.5mm, 19mm and 25mm, they are available in rolls or in laser printer compatible sheets of pre-cut peel-off labels. All Tough-Spots™ a have the chemical and physical characteristics of standard Tough-Tags™.

Ordering Information

TSPOTS* Tough-Spots™, Small, *specify colour, 9.5mm ø, roll of 1000
TSPOT50* Tough-Spots,™ Large, *specify colour, 12.5mm ø, roll of 1000
TSPOTS75 Tough-Spots,™ White, 19mm ø, roll of 1000
TSPOTS100 Tough-Spots,™ White, 25mm ø, roll of 1000
SPOT1000* Laser Tough-Spots,™ Small, *specify colour, 9.5mm ø, 192 labels/sheet, 3640
SPOT2000* Laser Tough-Spots,™ Large,*specify colour, 13mm ø, 192 labels/sheet, 3640
SPOT3000 Laser Tough-Spots,™ White, 19mm ø, 108 labels/sheet, 2160
SPOT4000 Laser Tough-Spots,™ White, 25mm ø, 63 labels/sheet, 1260

* Select colour of choice by using code: W=White, R=Red, Y=Yellow, B=Blue, G=Green, O=Orange.


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