Consort Maxi Series

Key Features

  • Constant voltage, current or power
  • Automatic crossover
  • Overload Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
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All Consort Maxi Series (EV2xxx) power supplies have four output terminals for up to four simultaneous runs. Powerful microprocessor control allows complex programming, while manual mode permits the setting of voltage, current, power and time for routine electrophoretic runs. The parameters may also be changed temporarily without interrupting the run.

EV2000 series – is a high-end mid-power range suitable for most applications such as larger tanks or multiple smaller tanks. A robust 150W power supply in a small housing and designed to be easy to use.

EV3000 series – This high-power, high-end power supply series has five versions. The 3000V and 6000V version have a special low current mode for IEF applications.

Programming – up to 9 different programs, each with 9 steps, can be stored in the non-volatile memory for future recall.
Timer – can be set to automatically terminate the run and sound an alarm when the allocated time or volt hours has elapsed.
Automatic cross-over – each model has constant voltage, constant current and constant power capabilities with automatic cross-over while showing which parameter is kept constant.
Automatic recovery after mains failure – after restoration of power, the instrument will automatically continue the run for the remaining time.
Data Transfer – optional data acquisition/control software for PC is available to visualise and examine the stored run details, store and program the methods, add notes to the run, identify the unit, copy or delete programs in the unit’s memory.
Safety precautions – the AC line is automatically disconnected from the high voltage transformer when a ground leakage path is detected protecting the user from potential shock. Other safety features include protection against any overload including accidental short circuit of the output and voltage increases smoothly.

Ordering Information

EV2310* Consort Power Supply 300 V 1000 mA 150 watts
EV2320* Maxi Power Supply 4 Outputs 3000 V 150 mA 150 watts
EV2650* Consort Power Supply 600 V 500 mA 150 watts
EV2230* Consort Power Supply 1500 V 300 mA 150 watts
EV3330* Consort Power Supply 3000 V 300 mA 300 watts
EV3020* Consort Power Supply 300 V 2000 mA 300 watts
EV3610* Consort Power Supply 600 V 1000 mA 300 watts
EV3150* Consort Power Supply 1200 V 5000 mA 300 watts
EV3330* Consort Power Supply 3000 V 300 mA 300 watts
EV3620 Consort Power Supply 6000 V 150 mA 300 watts
* For 110V units add $ to order code

Technical Specification

Resolution: 1V; 1mA; 1W
Programs: 9 of 9 sets each
Timer: 1-99.59 mins
Dimensions: 31 x 26 x 15cm (W x L x H)
Weight: 10kg



BCAB Replacement Cables, pk/2
PC4-4 Power supply adapters, 4mm to 4mm
BC4-2 Power supply adapters, 4mm to 2mm
BC2-4 Power supply adapters, 2mm to 4mm supply adapters, 4mm to 2mm
BC2-4 Power supply adapters, 2mm to 4mm


Consort Power Supply User Manual – CLICK TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD

Consort EV Series catalogue page – CLICK TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD

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