Consort Mini, 400V

Key Features

  • Constant voltage, current or power
  • Automatic crossover
  • Overload Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
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These Consort Mini power supplies cover the ideal voltage range generally used with small electrophoresis units. Small enough to occupy very little bench space, they are portable and have a variety of additional features:-
Manual Set-up – voltage, current and power settings can be adjusted during the run
Voltage ramp – this allows a linear voltage gradient for any step to be programmed
Automatic recovery after power failure
3 output terminals
Model EV1450 Mini power supplies have small footprints and three output terminals. While the powerful microprocessor allows complex programming, the Manual mode permits the setting of voltage, current, power and time for a routine electrophoresis run. Model EV1450 features 9 different programs, each with 9 steps; data-logging and data transfer to a PC, and PC remote control.

Ordering Information

EV1450 Consort Power Supply 400 V;  500mA;  50 watts

Technical Specification

Maximum Voltage: 400V
Maximum Current: 500mA
Maximum Power: 50W
Resolution: 1V; 1mA; 1W
Programs: 9 of 9 sets each
Timer: 1-99.59 mins
Dimensions: 14 x 20 x 13cm (W x L x H)



BCAB Replacement Cables, pk/2
PC4-4 Power supply adapters, 4mm to 4mm
BC4-2 Power supply adapters, 4mm to 2mm
BC2-4 Power supply adapters, 2mm to 4mm supply adapters, 4mm to 2mm
BC2-4 Power supply adapters, 2mm to 4mm


Consort Power Supply User Manual – CLICK TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD

Consort Mini Power Supply catalogue page – CLICK TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD

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