PowerPoint NANOpac 300V

Key Features

  • Compact
  • Safety Design : Shrouded plug and socket; no load detection
  • Constant Voltage
  • Low Cost and Economical
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POWERPOINT NANOpac power supplies comprises ultra-compact and economical units ideal for use with DNA/RNA (Horizontal) and protein (vertical) electrophoresis systems. A simple two step feature which allows users to set a programmable change in voltage/current/time during the run provides increased versatility. Simply press MODE and program STEP 1 and STEP2 to the desired setting and then start and the nanoPAC will automatically run the steps in sequence. With enhanced features, such as a maximum constant voltage up to 300 or 500V and maximum constant current output of 400mA they are capable of running all horizontal multiSUB™ systems and vertical omniPAGE™ mini. The nanoPAC-500 is also capable of running the VS10W & VS20WAVE vertical units, as well as horizontal and vertical gel tanks from other manufacturers, These can be set on a continuous run or timed setting up to 999 minutes. The nanoPAC’s user- friendly interface is easily adjustable in 1V and 1mA increments, making it perfect for separations where precise settings are required. Two pairs of parallel power terminals, allow two electrophoresis units to be run simultaneously, saving time.

Ordering Information

NANOpac 300 PowerPoint,  300V; 400mA; 60W

Technical Specification

Maximum Voltage: 300V
Maximum Current: 400mA
Maximum Power: 60W
Output Type: Constant Voltage or Current
Safety: No Load Detection
Timer: 1-999 mins
Dimensions: 14 (w) x 19 (l) x 8.4 (h) cm
Operation Voltages: 110 / 220V



BCAB Replacement Cables, pk/2
PC4-4 Power supply adapters, 4mm to 4mm
BC4-2 Power supply adapters, 4mm to 2mm
BC2-4 Power supply adapters, 2mm to 4mm supply adapters, 4mm to 2mm
BC2-4 Power supply adapters, 2mm to 4mm



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