Isoelectric Focusing (IEF)

Key Features

  • For IPG strips and IEF gels
  • Large cooling platform area
  • ‘Pick-and-Place’ adjustable electrodes
  • Focusing tray for a maximum twelve IPG strips
  • Rehydration tray also included
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Now equipped with rehydration and focusing trays, the redesigned Biocom IEF has been optimised to perform first-dimension isoelectric focusing (IEF) with IPG (immobilised pH gradient) strips quickly, easily and reproducibly. An ideal entry-level system for both inexperienced and occasional IEF users, the unit is also versatile enough to meet the needs of laboratories with increased throughput requirements.
Its high-capacity focusing tray accommodates up to twelve IPG strips. An Adjustable ‘pick-and-place’ electrodes clip conveniently anywhere within the focusing tray to resolve IPG strips 7-24cm in length; colour-coded to prevent polarity reversal. The Electrode frame clips directly on to the cooling plate and includes adjustable electrodes to run horizontal precast IEF and PAGE gels.
A cooling plate, manufactured from a special grade ceramic in a large 26 x 26cm surface area, facilitates effective heat dissipation and homogenous thermal control, particularly during high voltage IEF techniques. An optional, but recommended, recirculating chiller connects quickly and easily to the cooling plate via snap-lock connectors to maintain optimal operating temperatures for IPG strips (20°C) and precast gels (4°C).
The Rehydration tray allows convenient transfer of IPG strips to the focusing tray without time-consuming removal of residual rehydration buffer; also enables focusing tray to remain permanently in use for IEF to maximise throughput, and provides useful storage at -20°C for focused strips before second-dimension runs.
The Consort EV232 power supply, (3000V, 300mA, 300W) enables desired Volt-hours for focusing to be attained faster at maximum voltage. Its nine different program settings with nine different parameters and voltage ramping make the EV233 ideal for multi-step IEF techniques. Data-logging capacity for up to 3600 output values, while run data may be collected via RS232 connection and free downloadable data acquisition software.

Ordering Information and Accs

BCIEF Flatbed IEF system for IPG strips and gels, with focusing and rehydration trays

BCCHILL Chiller system, -20 to 100°C, including insulated tubing & clips
IEF-KIT 1-D Combination Package, includes IEF, CHILLER and EV232
IEFPOS Replacement positive electrode
IEFNEG Replacement negative electrode
IEFPLT Replacement Glass platform IEFFRME Replacement electrode frame
RHYDTRY Rehydration Tray
FOCUSTRAY Focusing tray with adjustable electrodes
FTELECPOS Focusing Tray Adjustable Electrode Positive
EV233 Consort 3000V, 300mA, 300W power supply

Technical Specification

Max. commercial strip length accommodated 24cm
Max. gel dimensions on cooling plate 26 x 26cm
Unit dimensions (WxDxH) 55 x 35 x 10cm
Focusing tray strip capacity 12x 18 and 24cm strips; 24x 7 and 11cm strips
Operating temperature 4 – 25°C
Regulatory certification CE, EN61010

Support Data

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