omniPAGE Maxi Plus

Key Features

  • Ideal for second dimension electrophoresis
  • Accepts strips up to 26cm in length
  • Rapid set up coolpacks for enhanced resolution
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The omniPAGE Maxi Plus unit provides a convenient solution for the second stage of 2-D electrophoresis. The 26cm active gel width provides a large gel area to resolve large IEF strips. In combination with the IEF system above, this offers a complete package for 2-D electrophoresis. The unit utilises the omniPAGE advanced design features to provide convenient ease of use with high resolution separations.
Rapid set up cooling retains resolution in extended separations and also saves on buffer volume without affecting run quality. Up to four 1mm thick gels can be resolved per run. A wide range of accessories is available to allow easy transition between 2-D and standard vertical electrophoresis techniques. Different types of 2-D comb allow a wide degree of versatility in sample selection and gel set-up.

Ordering Information

BCVS30D omniPAGE Maxi Plus, 30 x 22cm Dual with Glass Plates with bonded 1.5mm spacers, 2 x 28 sample combs, 2 x 2-D combs, cooling pack, dummy plate
BCVS30DSYS omniPAGE Maxi Plus, as above with Casting Base

Technical Specification

Unit dimensions: 36 x 33 x 18cm (L x W x D)
Plate dimensions: 30 x 22cm (W x L)
Gel dimensions: 28 x 20cm (W x L)
Max sample capacity: 300 samples per run; 75 samples per gel
Buffer volume: Min 1800ml, Max 8400ml
Combs available:
No. of teeth 1, 2, 4, 28MC, 56MC, 75
Thicknesses 0.25, 0.35, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2.0mm


VS30BI omniPAGE Maxi Plus Blot Insert – includes 3 cassettes and 6 fibre pads
VS30DCAST 30 x 22cm Dual Casting Base
VS30DCASTM Replacement Silicone Mat for 30 x 22cm Casting Base
BCVS30DIRM Inner Running Module VS30ICB Maxi Cooling Pack
VS30-x-LG Loading guides for omniPAGE maxi combs, x = comb well number
VS30NG 30 x 22cm Notched Glass Plates 4mm thick (pk/2)
VS30PG 30 x 22cm Plain Glass Plates 4mm thick (pk/2)
VS30NGS0.75 30 x 22cm Notched Glass Plates with 0.75mm Bonded Spacers (pk/2)
VS30PGS0.75 30 x 22cm Plain Glass Plates with 0.75mm Bonded Spacers (pk/2)
VS30NGS1 30 x 22cm Notched Glass Plates with 1mm Bonded Spacers (pk/2)
VS30PGS1 30 x 22cm Plain Glass Plates with 1mm Bonded Spacers (pk/2)
VS30PGS1.5 30 x 22cm Plain Glass Plates with 1.5mm Bonded Spacers (pk/2)
VS30PGS2 30 x 22cm Plain Glass Plates with 2mm Bonded Spacers (pk/2)
VS30DP Dummy Plate, 20 x 20cm
VS30S0.75 22cm Spacers – 0.75mm (pk/2)
VS30S1 22cm Spacers – 1mm thick (pk/2)
VS30S1.5 22cm Spacers – 1.5mm thick (pk/2)
VS30S2 22cm Spacers – 2mm thick (pk/2)
RPW-0.2100 Replacement Platinum Wire – 0.2mm, 100cm


omniPAGE Maxi Plus 2D System User Manual – CLICK TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD

omniPAGE MaxiPlus 2D catalogue page – CLICK TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD

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