Mini Hi Intensity Blotting

Key Features

  • Economy of bench space and cost
  • Enhanced reproducibility
  • 2 blot capacity
  • Standard and High intensity options
  • Rapid set-up cooling
  • Extended accessory range
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This complete stand-alone unit BCSB10 for 10x10cm electroblotting formats, comprises omniPAGE tank and lid and Hi Intensity electroblotting module. The electroblotting module features Plate electrodes, just 2cm apart, to generate a powerful electric field. This provides transfer capability for up to two 10x10cm gels in as little as one hour. Modules are interchangeable with omniPAGE slab and tube gel modules. Each of these techniques benefits from rapid set up cooling packs which provide enhanced resolution even during high intensity 2-D electrophoresis.

Blotting, a technique that entails immobilisation of proteins or nucleic acids on a solid membrane support and then detection using a specific antibody or probe of complementary nucleic acid sequence, signi cantly increases the potential for identi cation and characterisation of proteins and nucleic acids. Upon transfer to a membrane support proteins and nucleic acids become far more accessible to detection by antibodies and probes than they would otherwise be within a gel. Size-fractionation by gel electrophoresis followed by blotting is an excellent way to identify speci c molecules within a mixed population of nucleic or protein molecules, and the two techniques are often used in tandem.

Ordering Information

BCSB10-HI omniPAGE Blot Mini Unit,10 x 10cm, High Intensity System including tank and lid, 2 casettes, 8 fibre pad, cooling pack

Technical Specification

Unit dimensions: 19 x 13 x 15cm (W x D x H)
Max. sample capacity: 2 blots
Buffer volume: Min 250ml; Max 1200ml


VS10BI omniPAGE Blot Mini Insert – includes 4 cassettes and 16 fibre pads
SB10C omniPAGE Blot Mini Cassette
BCSB10 omniPAGE Blot Mini Unit, 10 x 10cm System including tank and lid, 4 cassettes, 16 fibre pads, cooling pack
VS10BI omniPAGE Blot Mini Insert – includes 4 cassettes and 16 fibre pads
SB10F Fibre pads – pk/8



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