Key Features

    • Injection moulded construction
    • Compatible with all 8 x 10 and 10 x 10cm precast gels
    • Rapid gel casting and loading
    • Hinged cassettes,

4 blot capacity

    • Low buffer volumes
    • Cast and run in 4 easy steps using unique sliding clamp technology
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    • Programme constant voltage and current
    • Alarm for end of run
    • Constant Voltage or Current
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For those planning to purchase multiple items for specific projects or techniques, Biocom Packages combine convenience with excellent value. The preferred unit for routine mini protein electrophoresis, omniPAGE Mini is constructed using the latest injection moulding manufacturing techniques. This gives a high quality, low cost product with unsurpassed finish, durability and strength. The unit incorporates a sealing system which is compatible with all major types of 8 x 10cm and 10 x 10cm precast gel. Gel casting and running utilise the same insert, no transfer of glass plates during gel casting is necessary. The insert contains the option of sliding clamps or just one screw per clamping bar side (both supplied), allowing very rapid set up of both hand cast and precast gels. Ultra soft silicone seals and pressure bars which surround the glass plates guarantee leak proof gel casting. 2mm thick glass plates minimise breakage and have bonded spacers for convenience. Accessory electroblotting and tube gel modules are available which use the same outer tank and lid. For extended cooling of the buffer chamber a factory fitted cooling coil option is available. OMNI10CBS-PS MINIPACK comprises the complete omniPAGE Mini Vertical Electrophoresis & Blotting System with casting base plus PowerPoint Midid MP-300 – 300V, 700mA, 150W power supply.

POWERPOINT Programmable Power Supplies are high performance, easy to operate instruments which represent excellent value. This inexpensive, compact POWERPOINT MIDI power supply is ideal for routine horizontal and mini vertical electrophoresis. Microprocessor control allows the unit to be set-up to run in constant voltage and constant current modes. Four gel chambers can be connected at any one time. A timer with alarm and pause functions can be set to end of run. Safety features include shrouded plugs and sockets, no load detection and ground leakage detection.

The omniPAGE range of Vertical Gel Units combines ease of use with high resolution separations. All models share a host of common features including a guaranteed leak proof seal required for trouble free, rapid and uncomplicated gel casting. Utilising a built in gel running module eliminates time consuming transfer of glass plates during casting, a process which can cause gel damage and misalignment. Glass plates with permanently bonded spacers guarantee perfect spacer alignment. The glass plate sandwich is simply inserted between pressure bars and sealed using and easy to use sliding gates system. This ensures fast set up times while even pressure bars and ultra soft seals guarantee leak proof casting. Once the gel has polymerised, the gel running module is simply inserted into the gel tank for electrophoresis.

omniPAGE Electroblotting Systems include both modules required for Slab Gel Electrophoresis and Electroblotting along with accessories, to provide a complete Mini Vertical gel casting, running and electroblotting system. The electroblotting module includes four inter-locking cassettes and eight fibre pads. Hinged rigid cassettes allow rapid set up and convenience and ensure even contact between the gel and membrane is maintained. A high intensity current is generated by coiled platinum electrodes. These in conjunction with the advanced cooling features allow rapid electroblotting in as little as one hour.

Ordering Information

OMNI10CBS-PS OmniPAGE Mini Vertical Package for 1mm self-cast gels
Includes: – BCVS10DSYS – 10x10cm mini-vertical unit with casting base, plus 2x 1mm 12-sample combs, 2x plain glass plates with 1mm spacer and 2x notched plates, VS10-12-1
plus: VS10BI – 4-blot insert with 4 blotting cassettes and 8 fibre pads
plus: PowerPoint MIDI MP-300 – 300V, 700mA, 150W midi power supply

Technical Specification

OmniPAGE Mini Vertical
Plate dimensions, 10 x 10cm
Gel dimensions,
 7.5 x 8cm (W x L)<br>
Unit dimensions
 19 x 13 x 15cm (W x D x H)
Max. sample capacity:
PAGE – 80 samples, 20 samples /gel
Blot – 4 blots
Buffer volume Min 250ml; Max 1200ml
Maximum Voltage: 300V
Maximum Current: 700mA
Maximum Power: 150W
Output Type: Constant Voltage or Current
Safety: No Load; Leakage and Overload Detection
Timer: 1-999 mins
Dimensions: 19 (w) x 29 (l) x 9.5 (h) cm
Operation Voltages: 110 / 220V


Combs available (click to view):
No. of samples 1, 5, 8MC, 9, 10, 12, 16MC, 20
Thicknesses 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2mm

VS10DCAST 10 x 10cm Casting Base V
S10DCASTM Replacement Silicone Mat for 10 x 10cm Casting Base
VS10EXCASTER External Casting Upstand – No Casting Base
VS10DIRM1 Inner Running Module, with Sliding Clamps and Screw Clamps
VS10ICB Mini Cooling Pack
VS10NG 10 x 10cm Notched Glass Plates 2mm thick (pk/2)
VS10PG 10 x 10cm Plain Glass Plates 2mm thick (pk/2)
VS10NGS0.75 10 x 10cm Notched Glass Plates with 0.75mm Bonded Spacers (pk/2)
VS10PGS0.75 10 x 10cm Plain Glass Plates with 0.75mm Bonded Spacers (pk/2)
VS10NGS1 10 x 10cm Notched Glass Plates with 1mm Bonded Spacers (pk/2)
VS10PGS1 10 x 10cm Plain Glass Plates with 1mm Bonded Spacers (pk/2)
VS10NGS1.5 10 x 10cm Notched Glass Plates with 1.5mm Bonded Spacers (pk/2)
VS10PGS1.5 10 x 10cm Plain Glass Plates with 1.5mm Bonded Spacers (pk/2)
VS10NGS2 10 x 10cm Notched Glass Plates with 2mm Bonded Spacers (pk/2)
VS10PGS2 10 x 10cm Plain Glass Plates with 2mm Bonded Spacers (pk/2)
VS10DP Dummy Plate, 10 x 10cm VS10S0.75 10cm Spacers – 0.75mm (pk/2)
VS10S1 10cm Spacers – 1mm thick (pk/2) VS10S1.5 10cm Spacers – 1.5mm thick (pk/2)
VS10S2 10cm Spacers – 2mm thick (pk/2)
SB10C omniPAGE Blot Mini Cassette
SB10F Fibre pads – pk/8