protein markers

Key Features

  • Standard (10-175kDa) and wide (10-245kDa) molecular weight ranges available
  • Coloured reference bands for easy identification in gels and blots
  • Stable for 2 years at -20°C
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Stable for up to 2 years if stored at -20°C and supplied pre-stained in gel loading buffer for direct loading, PINK Plus and BLUE Wide Range recombinant protein markers are perfect for SDS-PAGE applications. Sizes range from 10-175kDa for PINK Plus and 10-245kDa for BLUE Wide Range, making both markers suitable for accurate molecular weight determination of most cellular proteins. Each marker is covalently bound to a pink or blue colour chromaphore to produce a ladder of evenly interspersed bands of uniform intensity. Coloured reference bands serve as visual indicators of electrophoresis run progression and the efficiency of western transfer onto membranes following SDS-PAGE. Both PINK Plus and BLUE Wide Range markers can be detected at volumes as low as 2.5µl per well.

Ordering Information

PPL Pink Plus Prestained Protein Ladder, 10-175kDa, with 10, 40 & 90kDa reference bands, 1x 500µl vial.
BBL Blue Wide Range Prestained Protein Ladder, 10-245kDa, with 25 & 75kDa reference bands, 1x 500µl vial.


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