0.2ml PCR Tubes and Optically Clear Caps for Rotor-Gene Q®

Key Features

  • Compatible with Qiagen®/Corbett Research Rotor-Gene Q Real-Time PCR Cycler
  • Ultra-smooth, uniform, thin-walls for superior results
  • Easy snap and lock caps provide leak-free seals to eliminate evaporation
  • Certified free from DNase, RNase and Human DNA
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For many Rotor-Gene users, 0.2ml PCR Tubes with their ultra thin and consistent walls are still the preferred option. The Optically Clear cap for Real-Time applications are also of a tight fitting design to eliminate sample evaporation or ‘popping’.

0.1 ml Strip Tubes and Caps are designed to perfectly match the requirements of Rotor-Gene Q. Optically transparent to offer the lowest background and the optimum signal to noise. Caps with frosted extensions for easy handling and sample identification, have been engineered to provide leak-free seals and so eliminate evaporation. Tubes and caps are in strips of four and are packed in separate bags for ease of handling and labeling, the extensions of the caps are frosted for easy write-on.

All PCR Tubes and Strip Tubes are certified free from DNase, RNase and human DNA.

Ordering Information

RGCT-02FRT 0.2 ml PCR Tubes with Optically Clear Caps for qPCR, 1000 tubes/pack, 10x packs/case
RGCS-2500 0.1 ml Strip Tubes and Caps, 250 strips/pack, 10x packs/case


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