Gel-X Excision Tips

Key Features

  • Easily remove bands from agarose gels
  • Two tip sizes
  • One handed operation
  • Regular pipetting action
  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • Fit standard 1000µl pipettes
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Gel-X Excision Tips offer a convenient and efficient one handed method of removing bands using a simple and rapid two-step process. The tips, in two sizes, 4.0 x 1mm and 6.5 x 1mm, cut directly into agarose or acrylamide gels, so eliminating cross contamination between samples. Alternative methods which require multiple steps including washing or rinsing are slow and tedious. Gel-X is a safe and efficient one handed operation, with a push button gel and tip release, providing researchers with uniform extractions. Tips fit standard 1000µl pipettors and are available in bags and racks.

Ordering Information

GELX4 Rectangular Tips – 6.5mm x 1mm, bag/250
GELX4RACK Rectangular Tips – 6.5mm x 1mm, 5x racks of 48
GELX6.5 Rectangular Tips – 4.0mm x 1mm, bag/250
GELX6.5RACK Rectangular Tips – 4.0mm x 1mm, 5x racks of 48


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