Gel Loading Tips

Key Features

  • Two styles – Round or Flat (Duckbill)
  • ‘Unifit’ design provides tight seal
  • Complete visibility of sub-microlitre volumes – 200µl models (83mm) at 5µl; 2µl/10µl models at 2µl
  • For use with 2, 10, 20, 100 and 200µl pipettes
  • Metal and RNase free
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Developed to enhance accuracy in the critical 0 to 20µl range, the length and narrow profile of these gel loading tips provide easy access to small orifices. The round format models are ideal for SDS PAGE while the flat and ultra-flat, duck-billed versions are designed for sequencing gels.

Ordering Information

P-3210 Round Orifice, 0.2-10µl, 0. 5mm diam., Case = 4x rack/200
P-3212 Flat Orifice, 0.2-10µl, 0. 33mm diam., Case = 4x rack/200
P-3214 UftraFlat Orifice, 0.2-10µl, 0.17mm diam., Case = 4x rack/200
P-3107 Round Orifice, 20-200µl, 1.1mm diam., Case = 5x rack/200
P-3080 Round Orifice, 20-200µl, 0. 5mm diam., Case = 4x rack/200
P-3082 Flat Orifice, 20-200µl, 0. 33mm diam., Case = 4x rack/200


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