High Grade Agarose

Key Features

  • Low EEO general purpose agarose resolves 100bp to 25Kb in size
  • Low Melting Point – for nucleic acid recovery – typically resolves fragments 200bp to 25Kb
  • High Resolution – PCR grade – high resolution, low background for analysis of fragments, 20-800bp
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CleverGEL is a new environmentally friendly agarose suitable for routine analysis of nucleic acids using standard electrophoretic procedures. CleverGEL is manufactured by a process which excludes organic solvents harmful to marine life, making it far kinder to the environment than conventional agarose.
A low EEO (electroendoosmotic) flow minimises diffusion so that even the smallest of nucleic acid fragments remains sharp and tightly resolved, while a high gel strength aids handling and maintains compatibility with blotting techniques.
CleverGEL is now available in a low melting point form for nucleic acid recovery and enzymatic applications, as well as in a high resolution PCR-grade form to resolve very small nucleic acid fragments 20-800bp in size.

Ordering Information

General Purpose
AG5 Agarose 5g, Low EEO
AG100 Agarose 100g, Low EEO
AG500 Agarose 500g, Low EEO
AG1000 Agarose 1000g, Low EEO (2x500g bottles)
AG2000 Agarose 2000g, Low EEO (4x500g)
AG5000 Agarose 5000g, Low EEO (10x500g)
AG10KG Agarose 10Kg, Low EEO (20x500g)

Low Melting Point
LMA5 Agarose 5g
LMP LMA50 Agarose 50g
LMP LMA100 Agarose 100g, LMP

High Resolution PCR-grade
HRA100 Agarose 100g HR
HRA500 Agarose 500g HR

Technical Specification

Agarose Technical Specs


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