DNA Ladders

Key Features

  • Ready to use
  • Crisp band patterns
  • Includes bromophenol blue for ease of use
  • Stable at room temperature
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These ready-to-use DNA Size Markers are designed for horizontal gel electrophoresis use. The 100 bp ladder and 1 kb ladder represent the two most popular markers used for DNA fragment size determination while the new Low, High and Broad range markers offer the widest sizing range from 125 bp to 10000 bp. All markers are formulated to run accurately and to provide crisp band patterns. They require no additional preparation and contain Bromophenol Blue for ease of use. All markers are supplied at a concentration of 50µg/500µl (0.1µg/µl).

Ordering Information

MDNA-100BPH 100bp DNA ladder, 100-3000bp, 1×500µl vial
MDNA-100BP 100bp DNA ladder, 100-1500bp, 1×500µl vial
MDNA-1KB 1Kb DNA ladder, 250bp-10Kb, 1×500µl vial
MDNA-50BP 50bp DNA ladder, 50-1500bp, 1×500µl vial
MDNA-BR Broad Range DNA ladder, 100bp-10Kb, 1x 500µl vial
MDNA-HR High Range DNA ladder, 250bp-25Kb, 1×500µl vial

Technical Specification

DNA Ladders Technical Specs


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